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PTI Consulting wins an International Award

PTI Consulting wins an International Award on Enterprise Architecture 

Kenyan population during independence was less than 10 million. It is likely that during that time, there were no more than 2 or 3 insurance companies in Kenya. The service was targeted to a select few customers. Competition was almost non-existent. The customer on boarding process was very product driven and on the basis of a one-size-fits-all paradigm.  

Over the years, players have grown. The market has diversified, the competition has become stiff. Product alone no longer is a guarantee for dominion. With an estimated 3% penetration rate, a growing list of players (43 registered so far) and a diminishing wallet share due to highly consumption oriented economy, insurance industry is faced with the biggest battle to remain relevant, needed, affordable and available to provide peace of mind and financial security that the customers are looking for.
However, yesteryear approaches to become the trusted financial advisor are not tenable in delivering the promise. Complex entry and exit rules for customers, siloed product development, fragmented service delivery from quotation to contracting and claims processing. This has made many a would be customer shirk from the prospect of putting money in a life policy when faced with the choice of other investment channels like a sacco, a chama, etc. 
To disentangle themselves from this complex labyrinth of insurance 1.0, some of the players considered the need to rationalize their approach towards the customer. Many are looking at IT as a vehicle to help them better understand the customer in a bid to unwind and reorganize their touch points with the customer to the point that the customer feels valued, understood and integrated in the product development process.
In our project, we were tasked with helping disentangle the fragmented and unresponsive IT environment for our client in the insurance industry in a bid to develop an IT operating model that would give answers to stakeholders about the adequacy of existing investments in IT, any gaps that exist and how to fill the gaps with the right technologies and solutions that would enable our client better interact with the customer and remain a trusted advisor in the industry.
This project received a global award for excellence in execution and following the standards of architecture development while answering customer questions in a language the customer understands. The competition was organized and conducted by iCMG, a pioneer and leading full service Enterprise and IT Architecture Firm providing architectural services to a wide variety of clients (over 20 domains) across 32 countries. 
This competition was aimed at rewarding excellence in a variety of formats and categories within the Enterprise and IT Architecture domains. There were a total of 23 awards in 4 categories. It had 4 rounds of evaluation with the final evaluation being a live presentation to the panel of judges who included the inventor of Enterprise Architecture, John Zachman. 
PTI Consulting was the winner in the category IT Landscape Rationalization for the work carried out in Rationalizing the Data Architecture of one of our client in the insurance industry. The award ceremony was conducted in the 9th Global Enterprise Architecture Summit held in Bangalore, India on 18th November 2014. The event brought together professionals from more than 20 countries with experience in both the public and private sector showcasing their excellence in the growth and application of architecture within their respective assignments. 
This win is a validation that enterprise architecture, though at its infancy in Kenya and East Africa, has got potential to grow. Africa can develop local solutions that are relevant not only to this market but can be exported to other markets. Africa has the potential to turn around from being a dark continent that is just are recipient of aid to a global economic powerhouse that shapes global opinion of matters of national and international development. 
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